The Phoenix Generator Commands

Phoenix includes PHP Muse as template generator.

Please type php bin/console muse -h, and you will see this message:

Windwalker Console - version: 2.0

[muse Help]

The template generator.

  muse <command> [option]


  --type            Generate type.
  -t | --tmpl       Using template.
  -h | --help       Display this help message.
  -q | --quiet      Do not output any message.
  -v | --verbose    Increase the verbosity of messages.
  --ansi            Set 'off' to suppress ANSI colors on unsupported terminals.


  init             Init a new package.
  add-subsystem    Add a singular & plural MVC group.
  add-item         Add a singular MVC template.
  add-list         Add a plural MVC template.
  convert          Convert a package back to template.

Init Package

Use init command to generate package template.

Usage: init [<namespace>\\]<name> <item>.<list> [-s|--seed] [-m|--migrate] [-t|--tmpl=default].


Init a first level package in src/Flower with two MVC groups: Sakura and Sakuras.

php bin/console muse init Flower sakura.sakuras

Init a package in Asuka\ namespace, the package will located at src/Asuka/Flower.

php bin/console muse init Asuka\\Flower sakura.sakuras

We support normal slash Asuka/Flower that will be more convenience.

Init a package than run migration and seeder.

php bin/console muse init Asuka\\Flower sakura.sakuras -sm

Init a package with another template named: simple.

php bin/console muse init Asuka\\Flower sakura.sakuras -t=simple

If you forgot to run migration and seeder, you can use this command to run it after generated:

php bin/console migration migrate -p=flower --seed

Register This Package

See Windwalker Package Document, we have to register this package to Windwalker main application.

For example, if we create a package named Flower, we have to register Flower\FlowerPackage class to Windwalker.

// src/Windwalker/Windwalker.php

use Flower\FlowerPackage;

class Windwalker extends \Windwalker\Core\Windwalker
    public static function loadPackages()
        return array(
            'system' => new SystemPackage,
            'phoenix' => new \Phoenix\PhoenixPackage,

            // Add this line
            'flower' => new FlowerPackage,

            // Or you may use class name string
            'flower' => 'Flower\FlowerPackage'

    // ...

Then register Flower routing to etc/routing.yml, the URI begin with /flower/* will direct to Flower package.

# etc/routing.yml


# Add this route
    pattern: /flower
    package: flower

Run this command to link assets files in Flower package, it will create a symlink /www/media/flower <====> /src/Flower/Resources/media.

php bin/console asset sync flower

If you are in Windows, you must open cmd.exe or powershell.exe with administrator access to run this command. If your system do not support symlink, you have to use hard copy:

php bin/console asset sync phoenix --hard

Make sure you have ran the migration and seeder. Open browser and go to http://{your_project}/dev.php/flower/sakuras.


If you are bother to see the star **, set config language.debug to false or 0.

Add Subsystem

If you want to add two MVC groups with singular and plural, use add-subsystem command. All parameters are same as init.

Usage: add-subsystem [<namespace>\\]<name> <item>.<list> [-s|--seed] [-m|--migrate] [-t|--tmpl=default]

For example, add rose.roses.

php bin/console muse add-subsystem Flower rose.roses -sm

Then you will see a new submenu item in admin UI.


Add Item & List

Just use add-item and add-list commands. All parameters are same as init and add-subsystem.

Add item usage: add-item [<namespace>\\]<name> <item>.<list> [-t|--tmpl=default]

Add list usage: add-list [<namespace>\\]<name> <item>.<list> [-t|--tmpl=default]

You still must provides both item and list name for this two commands.

Simple Template

Sometimes we don't want a complete admin template, you can just use simple template, this template contains basic empty Controller/Model/View that you can fill your own logic.

php bin/console muse init Vehicle -t=simple


Create Your Own Template

Use convert command to convert a existing package to be template then your team will able to create your own templates.

Usage: convert [<namespace>\\]<name> <item>.<list> [-t|--tmpl=default]


Currently phoenix will convert template back to phoenix folder in /vendor. we will add --dir support in the future.

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This document is for Windwalker Joomla RAD, if you are finding Windwalker PHP framework, please see: Windwalker Framework